The next 5-7 years

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5,000 Revive Stories
As God brings revival to our city, state and world through our church, we won’t fully know the scope of our reach but we are committed to gather and celebrate these stories. We want to see 5,000 Revive Stories by 2025. Revive Stories are salvations, marriages restored, children adopted, debt relief, and physical healings to name a few. In order to see 5,000 lives changed through this Revive Vision, there are some tactical mile-markers we are pursuing.

Launch Revive Prayer Room
As we study historical revivals, there is not one without a major prayer movement. We will dedicate a space on our campus where people will gather to pray for revival in our city. We hope to partner with other churches on this endeavor so we can link arms together.

350 Revive Night Commitments
In order for us to climb this peak together, we need to get a core of our church through a spiritual formation process where each person is equipped to live out this mission in their own life. This starts with Revive Nights on the first Wednesday of the month.

Revive the Meadows Center
Part of this vision will require optimizing our space at the Meadows Center and potentially purchasing the rest of the property so that we can host and fund ministries that will care and reach those in our area.

Plant / Revive Churches
We believe that Revival in Arvada and beyond is going to happen and that means we need more space for Jesus followers to gather for worship. We have land on Indiana where we believe God will provide a way for a campus. We also are looking at churches in the area that are struggling and how could we provide support to Revive these congregations.

Leadership Development Center
We will create space for training of leaders for the church but also those who can be better leaders in their homes and workplace.

1,500 RWYA Disciples
Just like how we commission and send missionaries overseas, we want to commission disciples in our area to intentionally live out this mission. We need a mass of people spreading the good news of the Gospel everyday in grocery stores, schools, libraries, restaurants, bars, gyms, you name it. Where people gather here, we need to represent and find ways to make Jesus known.