KidsChurch FAQ's


What room does my child go to?
Every room in KidsChurch is intentionally designed for a specific age range in an effort to provide the best possible environment for your child. The early childhood rooms, birth-kindergarten, are grouped together and have 5 age ranges: babies, toddlers, preschool, pre-k and kindergarten. All of the elementary age kids meet together for free time (15 minutes before each service), mixers, worship, and the message. They break into small groups following the message by grades.

The church is in a converted movie theater, which gives us a fun and unique atmosphere. It also means that our floor plan is not traditional. The early childhood is accessed through exterior doors directly west of the main lobby doors. The elementary entrance is located to the east of the main lobby doors down a short breezeway. Follow the signs or ask one of our Foothills greeters to help you find your way on the first visit.


How do I know my child is safe?
Our number one goal is to take care of your child and keep them safe.


How do we keep your child safe?
When you check your child in you receive two ID tags; one tag for you and one for your child. At the top of each of your tags you will notice an ID number. Your number matches your child’s number. When you pick up your child at the end of service the room host will check you and your child out based on these matching numbers. If you lose your sticker or your child loses theirs, a staff member will check you out. Be prepared to show a photo ID in this situation. In the event that we need to contact you while you are in the service we flash your child’s ID number on the screens. We also have a security team that the monitors the KidsChurch spaces each Sunday.

Our volunteers: All of our volunteers have been cleared through a national background check. We value your trust and we will not put any unsafe leaders in their classroom. We also have multiple KidsChurch staff available every weekend. The KidsChurch leaders have had multiple leadership training experiences designed to equip them for the many situations they encounter. We also make sure that there is never a time when an adult is alone with a child. All of the KidsChurch leaders and staff are identifiable by their KidsChurch ID badge with their picture and their name on it.


What if my child has special needs?
If your child has special needs, whether that might be a food allergy, medical condition or learning challenge, please let our staff know. We have alert stickers available at all check-in stations. Please take the appropriate sticker, make any necessary comments, and attach it to your child's clothing. We also have a VIP program available for kids that have more specific special needs. If your child has special needs please contact Karen Post at least one week prior to attending KidsChurch so that we can be prepared for your arrival. 


What can my child expect?
Your child can expect to have a great time in KidsChurch! We have a lesson curriculum for ages two and older. For our rooms where a lesson is taught, your child can expect 15-20 minutes of playtime followed by worship and large group teaching. After teaching time the kids will break up into age-appropriate small groups. This a time when kids get to know each other better, make friends, and have fun discovering more about what they learned during the days lesson. Small groups vary week to week and may include crafts, games, and interactive conversation lead by an adult. All of the KidsChurch lessons and small groups are centered on the Bible. If your child is in one of our Nursery rooms we will play with your baby while providing diaper changes, feeding, any other care needs.


How can I become a KidsChurch leader?
Stop in at the KidsChurch lobby to find out more information about being a part of this amazing team. We are currently looking for KidsChurch Leaders who can commit to serving a regular rotation. All leaders are background-checked and trained.


When can I drop off and pick up my child?
You can drop off your child 15 minutes before the service begins. There must be at least two leaders in a room in order to drop off your child. Please pick up your child no later than 10 minutes after the service ends. Please remain on campus while your child is in KidsChurch.


As a parent, can I go into the room?
For security purposes, we ask that all parents stay on the outside of the rooms with half doors. Under special circumstances KidsChurch staff can allow a parent to enter the room.


What is our hope for your child every week?
We are certain that your child will love coming to KidsChurch. We believe that investing in the life of a child is time well spent. Our desire is to make each child we spend time with to feel valued, cared for, listened to, and encouraged. If joy was water we want the kids to leave dripping wet.


Please feel free to contact us about anything. We are here to help you and your family Live and Love Like Jesus.