Freezone Ministry Requirements

The Ministry Lives and Dies with you

When someone sees a need and believes God is moving them to meet that need through organizing and starting a ministry, it is their responsibility to lead and maintain all aspects of that ministry. While the church will encourage and champion the ministry, it will not take the responsibility to lead and maintain the ministry.  If the ministry leadership steps away from leadership without training and establishing another leader to lead, the ministry will cease to exist.

Stay Out of doctrinal, moral, and legal trouble

The Freezone ministries at Foothills must agree to teach, counsel or engage the needs of our community in a way that reflects the doctrinal beliefs of Foothills (click here to see the Foothills doctrinal statement). All Freezone ministries must also minister in a way that reflects Christian morals, values and actions.  All Freezone Ministries must not obligate Foothills in any legal manner or conduct themselves in a way that could potentially make Foothills legally liable.

Don't depend on the church budget to start or maintain your ministry

All Freezone Ministries are responsible to raise their own financial backing, if needed.  Freezone Ministries must not assume the church building, staff, funding or any other resource is obligated to their ministry. There is a 501©3 that provides the structure to raise funding called I58 Network. Contact Todd Tillapaugh if you are interested or have questions about I58 Network.