• When is Camp Foothills? Camp Foothills begins on Friday evening on June 21 and continues until about noon on June 23.

  • How do I get to Camp Foothills? We are taking over the facilities at Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center, 15235 Furrow Road, Larkspur, CO which is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours south of Denver (depending on traffic). Plug the address into your favorite driving directions app or print off the directions on the camp website:

  • How much does it cost and how do I register? The price breakdown can be found at where you can register and pay online.

  • What is the deadline to pay? Full payment is needed by June 1st to secure your spot.

  • How do I sponsor other campers? You can donate online at by clicking on the “Donate” button. Sponsorships are needed for both individuals and families who do not have the means to cover the full cost of attending camp. Sponsorship is a great way to Live & Love Like Jesus.

  • How do I request a scholarship? The online registration form includes a checkbox to request a scholarship. Use the comment box to indicate if you are able to pay part of the fee.

  • When can I arrive at camp? Another group departs the facility the same day we arrive so we cannot guarantee that dorms or cabins will be prepared earlier than 5:00 p.m., however, check in starts at 4:00 p.m. and there are activities on site you can do. RV and tent campers may arrive as early as 4:00 p.m. to check-in and set-up their campsite. There are a lot of great things to do around the area if you’d like to arrive earlier to Larkspur. Be on the look out for our suggestions coming soon!

  • How do I find my way around the camp? A facility legend is available online and printed copies will be available at check-in We will have a brief camp orientation on Friday evening to help point you in the right direction as well.

  • What is the parking situation? One main parking area is located near the bathhouse in the center of camp. Another parking area is adjacent to the Cagle & Cherry buildings. Tent campers will be able to temporarily park near the tent camping area (adjacent to the large fire ring in near the main office) to unload and then will be asked to move their vehicle for the weekend. The Aspen cabins are approximately a mile away from the main camp so the families in those cabins will need to plan to drive to the main camp for meals and activities and park in one of the central parking lots.

  • Can I invite friends or family members who don’t attend Foothills Community Church? Absolutely. What a great way to show them what Foothills is all about!

  • What should I bring to camp? If you’re camping or staying in an RV, you need all your own equipment. If you’re staying in the dorms, you need to bring bedding/sleeping bag and a towel. If you’re staying in the cabins, your linens and towels are provided. A list of suggested other items to bring is posted on the website

  • Can I bring my dog/cat to camp? Sorry, absolutely no pets are allowed at Ponderosa.

  • Can I drink or smoke at camp? Ponderosa is an alcohol and drug free campus because they hold a childcare license. Please do not bring any mood-altering substances (other than prescription drugs), including: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes, vapes of any kind, MMJ, edibles, or alcoholic beverages. We will be high on life and Jesus instead.




  • What kind of lodging options are there? This is a camp experience, including room accommodations. The majority of campers will sleep in RVs, tents, or dorm-style rooms. The dorms are mainly set up for gender specific sleeping rooms where women will be housed with other women and men will be with other men with group bathrooms. A small number of semi-private dorm rooms are available that have two sets bunk beds and a door for privacy, but these rooms will also use the group bathrooms. Most dorm buildings have common areas where people of the opposite gender can congregate as a group to hangout or play games. Every effort will be taken to keep families with younger children in family-friendly dorm buildings, while adults who are coming without children will stay in separate dorm buildings so you can camp with your peers.

  • How do I register for private rooms? There are a limited number of private rooms that we are reserving for families with newborn babies or serious medical conditions. While we know this may be an inconvenience for some, we appreciate everyone’s willingness to be flexible.

  • How can families stay together if they don’t meet the qualifications to stay in a private room? Tents and RVs are a great way to keep your family together. We will have a family dorm for young families with smaller children. These sleep four to a room. If you’re family is larger, we can accommodate with two of these rooms. Some community groups may even decide they want to take over an entire bunkroom and have a few families staying together (12-14 total beds). There is a comment box on the online registration form where you can make special requests to stay in a dorm with other families under special housing.

  • What if I am single parent and have opposite gendered children and want to stay in the dorms? We have a small number of dorm rooms that have two sets of twin beds with a door for privacy. These buildings have two shared bathrooms with the female bathroom on one floor and male bathroom on another floor. One of your children will need to use the restroom one floor up or one floor down from your sleeping room. To request one of these rooms, please put “Cagle-Cherry semi-private room” in the comment box when you register online.

  • How can I help my middle school or high school kid get the most out of camp? Warehouse students (incoming 7th grade through high school) are welcome to stay together as a group in the dorms (away from parents).

  • What are the RV options? The spots with full hookup are very limited and narrow. These are first come first serve. Most preferred the primitive spots that are available on the camp’s soccer field.

  • What is the tent camping area like? The designated tent camping area will be first-come, first-served in the space surrounding the main campfire ring. There are not camping pads or personal creature comforts like your own picnic table and personal fire ring that you would find at a traditional campground. This is like camping in a forest, except that restrooms, bathhouse, snack shop, coffee shop and a dining hall are nearby.

  • What bathroom facilities are available for RV/Tent campers? There are male and female restrooms available adjacent to the tent camping area in the basement of the main office building. There is a larger bathhouse in the middle of the camp. The walk from the RV area is approximately ¼ mile.



  • What meals are provided? Since many people will be arriving after work on Friday and arrival times will vary dramatically, we are not having a group dinner. Dinner on Friday is on your own so you can either eat before you arrive or pack a meal to eat once you finish checking in. The dining hall will serve breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday during specified times. Meals are served buffet-style and includes hot and cold options.

  • Is there food available for purchase other than the meals provided on Sat & Sun? There is a snack bar in the center of camp that sells things like candy, ice cream, sodas, and nachos that will be open on Friday evening and other designated times during the weekend. There is a coffee shop in the main office building that will open early mornings on Sat & Sun.

  • What if I require a special diet? Ponderosa serves one gluten-free entree at each meal and the dining hall is always nut free. There is a comment box on the registration for those with other food allergies. We will work with the campground dining facility to try to accommodate serious food allergies based on the information provided in advance.

  • Are snacks provided during any of the activities? Feel free to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy all weekend.




  • What activities are available? There will be a mix of scheduled and unscheduled events throughout the weekend. Many activities are included with your camp registration fee (e.g. hiking, sand volleyball, human-size foosball, kickball, game room, disc golf, etc.) Some optional activities will require an additional fee (e.g. high ropes course, blacklight dodgeball, mini golf, archery, etc.) A full list of activities will be posted on the website in May.

  • What if I’m not the hiking or dodgeball type? Foothills volunteers will lead some optional activities in the “Laid Back Lounge” where people can gather and be social during free time. Bring your playing cards and other games, scrapbooking, knitting, crafts, reading, and other low-impact activities. You are also free to do your own thing.

  • How do I schedule a paid activity? Camp activities will be promoted at the info table and in email and social media leading up to camp. All registered campers will be notified when the paid activity schedule is posted and online payment is open. If spots remain, we will accept some activity registrations/payment in person at registration. Some paid activities can be simply paid onsite (e.g. mini golf is $2 per person per game and is paid onsite).