Lead Pastor


Pastor Kyle Morris 

Pastor Kyle, Erika, and their family (Jack, Jedidiah, Brielle, and Elsa) have been serving Foothills since 2008. Kyle has been our Lead Pastor since August 2016 after serving in our Warehouse 180 student ministry for 6 years. Although Kyle grew up in the church, he never fully grasped God’s love for him until after college. Kyle spent many years chasing all that the world had to offer until one day he found himself stranded on the island of sin. He was broken, scared and suffering from daily panic attacks. He attended a conference at the age of 22 where God invited him to let go of a life of running. In that moment, God set Kyle free from drug and alcohol addiction and invited him to start a new life. One of Pastor Kyle’s life verses is 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old have gone and the new has come. Kyle is passionate about sharing the new life that Jesus offers to all people.

Our Team

operations Pastor

Stephen Hinson | stephen@foothillsonline.org


Ashley Holderness | ashley@foothillsonline.org

Office Manager

Julie Jaeke | jjaeke@foothillsonline.org

Financial secretary

Laurel Newton | laurel@foothillsonline.org

Operations Manager

Michael Sergeeff | michael@foothillsonline.org

Production Director

Jason Anderson | janderson@foothillsonline.org

Pastoral Care Director

Bruce Newton | bruce@foothillsonline.org

Foothills men

Travis Beck | men@foothillsonline.org

Foothills Women

Julie Jaeke  | women@foothillsonline.org

Community groups director

Leslie Brandow | leslie@foothillsonline.org

student ministries Pastor  

Peter Bailey | peter@foothillsonline.org

Junior High Director

Justin Armstrong | jarmstrong@foothillsonline.org

Kids pastor

Scott Downing | scott@foothillsonline.org

Kids church assistant

Laura Prather | laura@foothillsonline.org

early childhood director

Karen Post | karen@foothillsonline.org

Early childhood assistant 

Jennifer Muñoz | jmunoz@foothillsonline.org