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Charlotte Franson

Casa sends teams to Mexico to help build houses and enhance living situations for families and ministries.


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Sneed & Brenda Kaker

The Kaker’s are the founders of the missions organization Every Life, a mission that works out of Malindi, Kenya and helps women find honorable work, supports a children’s home, and consistently helps with community development.


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Karla Tillapaugh                   

Lightbridge has partnered with a minefield village in Cambodia that is still recovering from civil war and poverty. They help bring clean water, honest jobs, care for children and the hope of the gospel to this village. 


Supported Field  Missionaries



Cadence International | Jeremy and Shawna Quattelbaum
The Quattelbaum’s serve in Japan as a community house for Military personnel. They help create a safe environment for service men and women to do life together.

Cadence International | Todd Tillapaugh                                       
Todd is the Vice President of all Cadence field ministries. He oversees the many missionaries that Cadence sends around the world. 

Mission door - Campus Ambassadors  | Richard & Judy Brandow   
Dick and judy work at the Colorado School of Mines with Mission Door as campus ambassadors. His focus is to reach the campus and empower the students to evangelize. 

City Unite | Dave & Lauren Runyon                                                     
Dave & Lauren work with Denver area churches to help unite God’s people to serve our city.

CRU (Campus Crusades) | Jason and Nicole Spears                          
The Spears’ family works with CRU in Denver. They help empower college students to share their faith and also provide opportunities for global missions. 

CRU (Campus Crusades) - Kansas city | Ryan and Monica Reeves  
The Reeve’s are on staff at CRU in Kansas City. They help empower college students to share their faith and also provide opportunities for global missions. 

IMD International - Europe, asia & africa | Phil Largent               
Phil helps to equip pastors and teachers around the world with IMB.

IMB - Thailand | Nate and Stephanie Crandall                              
nate and steph work to reach a burmese people group with the gospel.

Morrison Academy - Taiwan | Steve & Tammy Wyss
Steve and Tammy serve at a christian school that reaches many non-christian students. 

Navigator's | Al & Kim Larson                                                                 
al creates tools for the navigators ministry that help to support the pastos and ministers. 

United World Mission - Brazil | Ron & Jennifer Neptune                   
ron and jennifer work in brazil to stop human trafficking. 

World Gospel Mission - Tenwick hospital | Dean & Cheryl Cowles   
Dean and cheryl work at a medical clinic where cheryl has started an ob/gyn clinic and training program.

YWAM - England | Dale and Emma Lambert                                         
Dale is one of the leaders of the YWAM base in Harpenden and helps facilitate training for the leaders and students of that base.

YWAM - AustraliaDaniel and Tabitha Colwel                                 
The Colwell’s are on staff at the YWAM base in Townsville. This ministry helps equip many individuals for ministry and mission.