KidsChurch Events

Baptism |  Baptism is the outward expression of an internal life changing decision made by each individual person. At Foothills people get baptized after they have decided that Jesus is the one and only God, and they desire to follow him for the rest of their lives. Young people at Foothills get baptized regularly. Most kids aren’t ready for a decision this significance until late childhood or early adolescence. Before a baptism we get together and talk about what baptism is about. That is an excellent opportunity to determine if getting baptized is something your child is ready for.

Family Fun |  KidsChurch plans casual events throughout the year for families to connect and have fun. Keep an eye out for our next time to get together.

Family Service Projects |  Several times a year there are opportunities for families to sign up for a service project. Ask us about when and where our next service project will be taking place.

Infant and Child Dedication|  The purpose of child dedication is to equip families as they pray for and raise children to know Jesus. We want to partner with you in that journey. Child Dedication is the first step. There are two child dedications each calendar year, May and November. Families complete a family training and attend an orientation before the day of dedication. Contact the Early Childhood Director for more information.