I Am


To provide support, guidance, and assistance in navigating the processes of obtaining legal identification documents to the homeless population in the community, acting as a first step back into the working population and introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ.

Colorado has one of the fastest growing homeless populations in America. Most people have seen a seemingly able bodied person standing somewhere on a corner perhaps holding a sign asking for help and wondered why this person doesn't go to work, or somebody sleeping behind a building and wonders why they don't go to a shelter. These same people are often surprised to find out that in many cases this person may not be allowed into a shelter, it may be illegal for an employer to hire them, they can not visit many food banks, receive government assistance, or even rent a hotel room.This is because through the same circumstance that have placed them with nothing on the streets, they have also lost all forms of legal identification. Without basic identification documents it is difficult or impossible to do any of these things and without even one form of ID it is very difficult to gain the others. These people do not have computers, internet access, phones, or mailing addresses. Also the processes in place to re-establish these documents are often lengthy involving multiple steps, persistence, and a good deal of patience. Many may begin it, but sadly after running into many of these obstacles, they give up.

Josh is currently requesting prayer for this ministry.