WHAT are the FreeZone Ministries?

At Foothills we want to see everyone in our body follow their call from God.  Some have been
called to start or work in a ministry to a special segment or people group in our community, city
or country.  As a local church we want to encourage, champion and facilitate these ministries. 
We believe these ministries are a part of the life blood of our church and that everyone should
be free to follow their ministry calling.

WHY have a FreeZone?

Foothills believes the local church should encourage and bless the ministries of those in
the church body.  The Freezone gives anyone an opportunity to "go for it"  when they feel led by God to meet a need they see.

WHO can lead a FreeZone Ministry?

Anyone who calls Foothills their home church and is called by God to start a ministry.

WHEN does a ministry become a FreeZone Ministry?

A simple meeting with our Freezone staff will help you determine if your ministry idea will fit
and the best way to move forward.

WHERE do Free Zone Ministries operate?

Freezone Ministries are geared primarily toward reaching those in our community and are typically born out of a need the Freezone leader recognizes and is called to minister.  But Freezone Ministries don't always stop in the community.  They can potentially reach way beyond our community to those in our city and country.  Only God and His Spirit will set limits on where a Freezone Ministry operates.

How do I start a Freezone Ministry or get involved in existing Freezone Ministries?

We have three basic guidelines for running a ministry in the Freezone:

  1.    The Ministry lives and dies with you.  
  2.    Stay out of doctrinal, moral and legal trouble. 
  3.    Don't depend on the church budget to start or maintain your ministry.