Connections In Christ


CIC connects churches' and faith-based agencies' resources to people in our community who have needs. Though there are lots of secular answers to needs, faith-based resources are not easy to access, yet they may be the most effective. CIC also offers basic mentoring training to encourage new mentors to serve in their churches or an agency of their choice.

Though the CIC website is where connections are posted, sometimes a connection is made face to face. Melissa is a teen mom with an 18 month old daughter, living in a shelter. She said, with tears in her eyes, "I don't want my daughter to grow up the way I did as a foster kid." The volunteer texted her the name of a group that helps foster kids transition in life, and also gave her the name of a Christian residential program for teen moms and their children. She texted back her thanks and said that it meant a lot to her. It meant a lot to the volunteer, too, who had met and helped this young meant the JOY of serving in the name of Jesus.

We could use volunteers to help with:

  • WordPress/SQL website designer to help CIC complete the database portion of the website.
  • 3-4 volunteers for 1/2 day/month to visit local churches to gather their resources.
  • 1-2 volunteers to assist with mentor training, held 3 half-days per year
  • Modest donations to help cover web site and printing costs.